What is Value Engineering?

Value engineering is a systematic, creativity-based, and task-oriented team to solve the problem, reduce costs and improve the performance and quality of projects, products, and processes. Value engineering, with the help of a wide range of expert’s knowledge and experiences, focuses on the functions of the project, the product, or the process of delivering results that can be improved.

According to the definition of the International Institute for Project Management, Creative Value Atomic Engineering is designed to optimize lifecycle costs, save time, increase profits, improve quality, increase market share, solve problems and make optimal use of resources.

According to the Definition of the Strategic Planning and Control Office of the President, the value engineering is the well-known use of techniques used to examine the performance of a product or service, and using creative thinking to provide the function needed to achieve the objectives of the plan. Sure and with the least cost of life and maintaining or enhancing the quality and maintaining the safety and environmental characteristics.

Bastanpol Engineering Group is proud to take steps to optimize structures and reduce administrative costs, to carry out the engineering process of value in buildings, and to acquire value added for respectable employers, and has several completed projects.