Structural Supervision:

The construction supervisory team of the BastanPol Engineering Group consists of experienced engineers in this field who during the structure’s execution from the beginning of the excavation to the end of the structure, are present at the workshop and factory site and the supervision of the proper implementation of the structure is executed in two types of superficial supervision and workshop supervision based on the description.

The following services are provided.

Description of Structural Supervision and Workshop Supervision:

  1. Engineering Services:
  2. Review the design of the structure if necessary, and propose changes.
  3. Reviewing the report of geotechnical tests and proposing the optimal guard system for guarding the structure if needed, and announcing it to the employer.
  4. Determine the method of monitoring the structure and determine the stages of the visit due to the difficulty of work.
  5. Preparing forms and agenda forms and periodic reports
  6. Provide a list of test labs.
  7. Preparation of instructions for storing materials and equipment in the workshop’s warehouse
  8. Possible revisions in maps and technical specifications according to requirements of the executive, the preparation of maps and corrective documents in order to adapt to the findings and new conditions.
  9. Compilation of detailed maps and executive detailed map to complete the work in such a way that there is no bottleneck or problem caused by a map or agenda defect.
  10. Preparation of checklists related to the implementation of structures at different stages of the work to control the quality of implementation

B. Referral Services:

  1. Referral of the required services required during the construction period, such as mapping, geology, geotechnics , geophysics and guard structures, resistance of materials and welding tests, etc., including the determination of the process of selecting a consulting unit A, obtaining the approval of the employer regarding the proposed method and performing referral work which Employer’s request if needed.
  2. Selection of the most suitable unit for the performance of any of the related services and the offer of the selected company to the employer.

C. Coordination, executive, temporary delivery

  1. Investigation and approval of proposed methods of contractors.
  2. Participation in coordination workshop meetings with the presence of supervisory machinery, employer and contractors and other agents engaged in scheduling meetings, handling issues and barriers in implementation of work, registration and decision minutes.
  3. Checking the skill and technical skills of those involved in sensitive work, such as welding and concrete
  4. Checking and confirming the contractor’s request regarding the availability of work for temporary delivery, inspection and control of performed work, confirmation of the availability of work for temporary delivery and operation or declaration of non-preparation for exploitation, with a list of deficiencies that prevent the exploitation and its announcement to the employer,and supervision over defective operations.

D. Quality control services

The services of this part include controlling the quality of materials, equipment, and work performance:

  1. Carrying out periodic inspection and controlling the operation of the workshop and the factory for the implementation of construction operations with maps and technical specifications, standards and orders, and the order of testing, and verification of tests performed such as welding tests, etc., and confirmation or non-approval of the product Produced and provide a list of defects in the event of non-approval and follow-up of product defects until final approval.
  2. Measuring deformations, displacements and controlling permissible tolerances.
  3. Preparation of the plan and order for testing and control and verification of the diversity of material tests such as concrete, reinforcement, welding test, etc., and monitoring the sampling.
  4. Controlling and verifying the results of tests, communicating an order to the contractor for the repair of materials, equipment or defective works.
  5. Instructions for correcting defective tasks and tracking and fixing them.
  6. Approval of specification of materials and equipment to be used in work in terms of compliance with technical specifications and executive plans.
  7. Handling and commenting on workshops and Shop Drawing provided by contractors.