modern technology to reduce earthquake hazards

Use of modern technology to reduce earthquake hazards

Masoud Shahbazi Nia – Director of Research and Development of BastanPol Co.

“Earthquake is not earth’s temper, not its anger, in order to stay safe from harm, the plan must be”

Several months ago, earthquakes in different parts of our country have taken calm from the inhabitants of Iran, numerous seismicity and aftershocks, the failure of structures and components of non-instruments, the death and injury of compatriots, the anxiety of children and women, the fear and fear of sudden death, and Living in the parks and cars is the familiar landscape of this day and night in the quake-stricken areas.

Many earthquakes are not new and unknown phenomena occur in East Asia on a daily and weekly earthquake, as this phenomenon has become part of people’s lives, as if people have reconciled and accepted the earthquake. At the time of the earthquake, it is easy to imagine that their habitats will not be debris, they will safely preserve their peace so that the vibrations will end and then continue to their normal lives.

This achievement is the result of the efforts of engineers and researchers and the attention of the authorities of those countries to the subject of construction, while unfortunately in Iran, buildings are built with obsolete technologies that are the cause of many injuries and deaths and the quality and performance of the building It’s so low that it’s also destroyed by less than six earthquakes.

The situation is getting worse because not only residential homes are damaged, but also the most vital structures, such as hospitals, barracks, organizations and offices that should be used by citizens during a crisis, are also being destroyed. The only way to go through the current situation and to face up to the earthquake is to use world-class technologies and materials at the global level.

BastanPol Engineering Group is one of the leading companies in providing new construction technologies and designing earthquake resistant structures. With its twenty years of experience in designing, monitoring and performing buildings, its goal is to improve the quality of buildings and the production of resistant buildings. Natural threats such as earthquakes. The main areas of the ancient company are bridge design of earthquake resistant buildings using seismic separators.

The company, with the help of reputable companies producing seismic separators, offers several technical and management strategies to reduce the effects of the earthquake on the structure.

In conventional design , due to nonlinear deformations in structural and non-structural members, damage to and damage to the structure may occur, and the structure will be virtually unusable after severe earthquakes due to the destruction of permanent joints and deformations. . With the advent of technical knowledge and the experience of intense earthquakes, changes to the design rules of structures have been created and, while changing the design philosophy of structures, technologies such as seismic separation have been used. Using this method, the amount of seismic damage to the components of the device is reduced to the lowest possible. In this method, the structure is separated from its supports and is placed on supports that have a large lateral deformation. In the event of an earthquake, major deformations occur in the backbone and the structure vibrates with small deformations. The use of this technology improves the behavior of structures and the behavior of structures during large earthquakes remains largely resilient. In this system, the earthquake structure is replaced by an earthquake instead of dealing with earthquakes in buildings. That is, when an earthquake occurs, our structure is accompanied by earthquakes rather than a rigid body with earthquake forces. The forces absorb the earthquake and the structure of Mortal.

The use of seismic separators has been used in many recent years. According to experimental results, structures with this technology will have less seismic responses than conventional structures, and the structure can perform much better and continue to service after an earthquake without interruption. The BastanPol Engineering Group has devoted a number of projects to providing design services based on seismic separators, and hopes to utilize the know-how of the world and increase public awareness, in line with the developed countries of the world, safe and durable buildings for our compatriots to be designed and implemented. Slowly


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