Design and control of the structure

The structural design and control department of this engineering group has started its work in 1997 and has been able to design and perform structural calculations for more than one year with the experience of various projects with different uses and specifications, in cooperation with the forces and experts who have specialized in the field of structures. Out of 1,200 small and large projects with different instrumentation systems.

With the backing of 18 years of experience and knowledge, we are able to design specific structures and claim the design of complex and unusual architectural designs according to the rules of the day in Iran and the world. Meanwhile, the group is ready to control the calculations and to report any points or probabilities.


Regulations used:

Software used:

  • ETABS ver: 9.7.4&2015
  • SAP ver: 14
  • SAFE ver: 8&14
  • AUTOCAD ver: 2015
  • SAZE90
  • TEKLA ver:19
  • REVIT ver: 2016
  • ADVANCE STEEL ver: 2016

Description of the services of the structural design department:

  1. Choosing the system for proper gravity pressure
  2. Selection of a suitable instrument for the lateral pressure at height
  3. Choosing the right roof system for gravity and seismicity
  4. Complete design of the base system
  5. Design of supporting elements (braces, sheared walls, bending frames)
  6. Full design of fittings and patches
  7. Design and presentation of connecting elements of non-structural elements, expansion joints and separator walls
  8. Adaptation of detailed maps of the implementation of the Foundation with design
  9. Concrete building (if selected):
  1. Planning instructions, sheared wall and beam shapes
  2. Edge map of column, beam, sections and connecting level
  3. Ceiling grid and sections
  4. Positioning and displaying details of grinding at the beginning of openings and holes (installations, etc.) in covering the ceiling of the floors and their depth  and their size in the walls and showing the details of the grinding in the place of dense nodes
  5. Determine the type of patch, range, position and density of the bars in the beams, pillars and slab


  1. Steel building (if selected):


  1. The essential details of the flexural and composite space frame
  2. Details of the footprints of the columns and how they connect to the foundation and the details of the stepping sword
  3. Plank Types of columns, pistons, beams, and braces or sheared walls with full details.
  4. The type of electrode, the length and size of welding, and the location of its execution
  5. The location and size of the installation duct and the drawing of details around the perforations
  6. Details of the connection of concrete beams or concrete slabs or other parts to the steel beams and edge beam
  7. Execution details of the edge console in terms of how to connect to the skeleton