Wallcrete at the Alborz Building Industry Exhibition

Specialized Exhibition of Building Industry and Industries Alborz

The specialized exhibition of building industry and affiliated industries was held in the city of Karaj on 5 and 8 December in the premises of the Alborz Laboratory.

The Department of Bastanpol attended the exhibition to introduce the WALLCRETE product. WALLCRETE was an ultra-light and concrete cement clad with its ease of use and numerous benefits in many of the major projects.

The video presentation of this exhibition can be viewed:

The exhibition was opened in an area of 400,000 square meters, titled “Building Industry”.

This is the second building exhibition in the province of Alborz. Representatives from Qazvin, Tehran, Qom, Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz and Alborz participated.

The Wallcrete product of the Bastanpol Group was introduced as one of the most modern retrofitting technology and building industry in the exhibition.

On the sidelines of this exhibition, workshops on temporary accommodation in the event of natural disasters and stylization and retrofitting against the earthquake were held.

International exhibition hall 8 and 9 pavilion 809

The presence of BastanPol Engineering Group in the 3rd International Specialized Exhibition of Structures, Structural Tiles, and Related Industries and the 1st International Specialized Exhibition of Modern Building Technologies

In the framework of the partnership between Robinson Seismic, Arsham Metal and Ancient Railways in the field of seismic protection equipment (separators and dampers)